How to keep the sprayer nozzle from clogging

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Susan Martin

One of the most common questions I’m asked when I tell someone that I use liquid Plantskydd Animal Repellent is how to keep the sprayer from clogging. The solution is simple, but it might not be obvious since we don’t usually do this with other products that come in spray bottles. Ready for it? Here it is: Just rinse it out! I told you it was simple.

Plantskydd ready to use liquid

Plantskydd is a sticky product. That’s one of the things that makes it last so long outside—it sticks really well to the plants. The inside of the sprayer gets full of that sticky liquid when you use it, so it needs to be rinsed out after each use.

When you purchase a bottle of ready to use Plantskydd animal repellent, it comes with a cap on the bottle and a sprayer nozzle on the side. Don’t throw away that cap! When you’re ready to use the product, shake the bottle vigorously to mix the liquid well, then set the cap to the side and insert the sprayer. When you’re finished, take the sprayer out and replace it with the cap.

I keep an empty old can next to my bottle of Plantskydd in my garden shed. Once I’m finished spraying, I fill it with water from my hose, insert the sprayer nozzle and flush it out until the water runs clear. That way, it’s ready to go for next time. Follow these steps, and you’ll never have a problem with your spray nozzle clogging again!  

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