Protecting Tree Seedlings from Deer


Plantskydd – Operational Field Trial Results

“Plantation failure due to animal browsing is not an option “

May 2, 2003

Effective tree plantation protection against animal browsing
During my thirty-five years working in the forest industry in Coastal British Columbia, the silviculture side of the industry has been faced with the problem of effective seedling protection following harvesting activity. I have been involved in many field trials evaluating the effectiveness of both chemical animal repellents and physical protection devices used in the pursuit of seedling protection.

Plantation failure due to animal browsing is not an option for forest industry companies in British Columbia. Plantation failure affects overall costs and may result in a reduction to a company’s long term Annual Allowable Cut (AAC).

Seedling protection programs entail labour and supply costs which, in both the short and long-term, often equal more than four times the cost of initial seedling establishment.  Tree protection cones, cages and other mechanical devices cost many times the cost of the seedlings they protect, require frequent maintenance, and in order to prevent deformed tree growth, must often be removed as the seedling develops.

I have found Plantskydd Animal Repellent to be a cost-effective product that offers very effective initial seedling protection (deer, rabbit, elk). When followed by follow-up treatments in higher risk areas, Plantskydd provides from 90-100% seedling protection.

Plantskydd is not a new concept in commercial forest seedling protection. Foresters and natural resource managers in British Columbia have used it for over 8 years with excellent results. To ensure optimum efficacy, careful attention to directions must be followed in the mixing, dilution and application of the product.

Plantskydd, when applied properly and judicially, is a forest industry standard in the establishment and protection of healthy forest plantations.Congratulations on getting this product approved for commercial use in Canada.


Forestry Consultants

Bill Lasuta,
President, RFT