Forestry — Mixing and Application Instructions

Mixing Plantskydd powder concentrate

Mixing Powder Concentrate & Spray Application – Forestry / Silviculture


Mixing tips for large batches of Plantskydd powder concentrate

* a paint-mixer stir attachment for cordless electric drills is very effective when mixing Plantskydd powder concentrate in 5 gallons pails of water.

* high speed mixing and/or prolonged agitation will produce excessive foam.

* If anti-foamer additive is used, add it to mixture just before pouring into backpack type sprayers.

* once mixed, strain the solution through the strainer included in packaging to remove any undisolved particles.


Plantskydd Spray Application


  • APPLY ON DRY PLANTS – rainfast in 24 hours 

  • For Deer & Elk – Dip/Spray mainly tops of plant — until wet but not dripping.

  • For Rabbits – spray stem and lower leaves.

  • Ornamentals — spray mainly on leaves of plants until wet – avoid blossoms.


  • Needles/leaves darken temporarily after treatment — original color returns in 18-36 hours.

  • Apply at above freezing temperature.

  • Avoid application in direct hot sunlight — for best results, apply in early morning or late afternoon.

  • Treating Pine seedlings during bud flush is not recommended (OK before/after bud flush period).

  • Allow to dry 24 hours before watering plants.

  • Rinse sprayer, gloves and planting equipment after use.

  • If sprayer clogs, rinse in hot water.

  • Use mixed solution within a few days.

Commercial Scale Spray Application Video

Be sure to watch Mary Machon, owner, Bensell Greenhouse, Toledo, Ohio
using a back-pack-sprayer for large scale, commercial applications.

Winter Application

Video Produced by: Bensell Greenhouse, 5720 Dorr St., Toledo, Ohio
Bensell not only sells Plantskydd Repellents,
their Landscaping business also applies it for their customers’ properties.