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Tree World Plant Care Products, Inc.is proud to be a corporate donor to WaterAid,

the leading global charitable foundation focused exclusively on improving poor people’s access

to safe water, and improved hygiene and sanitation in developing communities in need—especially in Africa.


“Tree World Plant Care Products Inc., has been a valued corporate partner of WaterAid Canada since 2003. As our most generous monthly supporter, Tree World has contributed more than $84,000 in support of WaterAid’s clean water and sanitation programs around the world.”


History of Tree World®

Tree World Plant Care Products Inc, incorporated 1988( aka: Tree World ) early focus was in providing corporate clients with tree seedlings used in sales and marketing promotions.  In 1992, it acquired the rights to a Swedish-formulated, 100% organic, animal repellent—Plantskydd®—( pronounced ‘plant-skid’ — Swedish for ‘plant-protection’ )

Today, Tree World is focused exclusively on providing plant protection solutions to customers experiencing animal browse damage to their:  gardens, nurseries, woodlots, tree plantations, and riparian areas.

Tree World actively supports Gardening Club and Master Gardener speakers and sponsored events  in the United States and Canada—providing FREE Plantskydd samples for use in raffles and door prizes.

BIOGRAPHY—Tree World’s President— Claude P. Boisvert

Claude P. Boisvert, a former tree planter, reforestation contractor and commercial fisherman,  incorporated Earth-Net Communications (1985), which launched Silviculture—Journal of The New Forest, North America’s first 4 colour magazine devoted exclusively to reforestation.


Claude in 1985 with daughter Alaya holding a copy of: Silviculture – Journal of the New Forest.


In 1991, he was instrumental in organizing The First National Silviculture Conference, held in Vancouver, Canada — and host to over 460 delegates and speakers from around the world.

improvedplantskyddpictureClaude at Can West Horticulture Exhibition, 1998 Vancouver, BC

Claude’s current job, as president of Tree World Plant Care Products, is to provide his staff with the resources they require to serve Tree World’s customers with the information and products they need to protect their silviculture, food crop, and garden-landscape investments—in an environmentally, planet friendly way.


Tree World is the manufacturer and exclusive Primary Agent for:

Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

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Plantskydd Repellents 
are available at your local Independent Garden Centre and Nursery

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